Maria DelaCruz
Maria DelaCruz 22 orë më parë
I love disaster movies
CARLTHE4TH 22 orë më parë
Jocko? What you all know about Jocko? Well I’d like to hear about it potheads. - Sgt. Barnes.
nikanj6 22 orë më parë
What a terrific video. The commentary was great.
miguel marques
miguel marques 22 orë më parë
"i did touch that 10 year old kid in a way" his brain is not functioning well at all
Anthony L. Ellis
Anthony L. Ellis 22 orë më parë
I rate bitcoinsamurai 5 stars!!! And 6 if there's a space for that. Warning for newcomers: the days feels like decades to complete after investing. Side tip: put your money in there and take your mind off it. I have experimented and I have come to trust them with my funds
MadameEboshiYT 22 orë më parë
he is now with Aaliyah her friend who where much better then Beyonce rip
Cheyenne Jones
Cheyenne Jones 22 orë më parë
i love him so much ugh
Mr Bear
Mr Bear 22 orë më parë
Clark Kent became a Psychiatrist. Respect for that. Serious.
Britney Waldron
Britney Waldron 22 orë më parë
ChickeNugget 483
ChickeNugget 483 22 orë më parë
All these famous people carry around candles
Kahn Golf
Kahn Golf 22 orë më parë
Silence liberals
El Guapo
El Guapo 22 orë më parë
Here for School of Rock 😁😁😁😁
Jor Cap
Jor Cap 22 orë më parë
Why Drake, the guy is def an Usher
Dr. J
Dr. J 22 orë më parë
3:00 “Blendin sounds like, ‘Morty post ball-drop’ and Morty sounds like, ‘Blendin in the scene that just played’” Idk bro, Blendin is just a more secure S1-2 Morty. No one can convince me otherwise, ears don’t lie bc my hips sure do.
Vince Giambattista
Vince Giambattista 22 orë më parë
he's right about how writing a song about something thats troubling you can make you feel better
ChickeNugget 483
ChickeNugget 483 22 orë më parë
The girl who threw him those glasses is crying if she ever watching this.
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran 23 orë më parë
Yukie Uema
Yukie Uema 23 orë më parë
Robert de Niro e Al Pacino Encontro de titãs Dois atores fantásticos
JDUB 23 orë më parë
Drug head
Adam 228133
Adam 228133 23 orë më parë
The thing about the card counting technique in blackjack, don’t casinos use multiple (4-5) decks at a table on a single game? How do you count into a 4-5 deck shoe? Isn’t that like astronomical?
NoizEKricket 23 orë më parë
God, I imagine meeting him would be such a joy.
Britney Waldron
Britney Waldron 23 orë më parë
Pretty Brown eyes
Rick Jamez Jr
Rick Jamez Jr 23 orë më parë
"I have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old, and idk what to tell them to believe in"
Underdog 23 orë më parë
8:40 Well, he likes it or not, he had to use facial hair in Cherry.
CULLEN DAVIS 23 orë më parë
These two look like mob bosses, and I mean that as a compliment.
Nicholas Shannon
Nicholas Shannon 23 orë më parë
name of song at 0:42 ?????
Ishmael C
Ishmael C 23 orë më parë
Rip 🪦
Uptop Boss1
Uptop Boss1 23 orë më parë
I dont give a fck about what u joker think about we guys long hair
TEAM TORQUE 23 orë më parë
But you can rob a casino with a motorcycle helmet on and run out and jump on the bike and get away. Cough cough belagio ..
hit man bang
hit man bang 23 orë më parë
'and they call me uh daddy' HE KNOWS WHAT HES DOING
flyingcat 23 orë më parë
she's really good at spotting and explaining all the problems!! Would love to see more of her ♡
nicole reed
nicole reed 23 orë më parë
okay matt discreetly trying to explain to kev how the interview works and then telling him he was doing fantastic anyway is why their friendship is so pure 🥺😭💔
Horizon Apex
Horizon Apex 23 orë më parë
Me: touches face Feels: Nothing but smoothness *Cries internally*
Loose Lips
Loose Lips 23 orë më parë
Party up is always played in every night club everyone goes wiiiild
Charlieshaffer6 23 orë më parë
3:09 and you rock it 🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿
Dim Suante
Dim Suante 23 orë më parë
i actually relate quite a lot with her- even i bite my ice cream and my mom just looks at me weird cos im biting on ice cream while she has a sensitive teeth- lmao
Motivation bless
Motivation bless 23 orë më parë
All fake DMX fans in comments! Fake love!
Lisa wall
Lisa wall 23 orë më parë
Rip dmx I truly believe he is at peace
The Hope Andro Show **Hope The Entertainer**
The Hope Andro Show **Hope The Entertainer** 23 orë më parë
Oh I'm angry all the time. 🤭
Farm life 101
Farm life 101 23 orë më parë
Your merch is way to expansive for what it's worth
Charlieshaffer6 23 orë më parë
My friends: he’s not that British Yungblud: wHaT ArE yOu dOiN’?
Robbie 23 orë më parë
Rockin that ftp 🙏
Ritchard Thomas
Ritchard Thomas 23 orë më parë
I first saw him on taxi he is great
Eleonora Villatoro
Eleonora Villatoro 23 orë më parë
I love him but does Anthony Mackie not know he can save all the music he owns on the cloud and just load it on a new phone 🤣😂 gotta love him man
Patrick Tilton
Patrick Tilton 23 orë më parë
I'm surprised that Weird Al Yankovic hasn't done a spoof of "Yesterday" using Paul's original title: "Scrambled Eggs" . . . unless he has, and I just don't know about it!
Morris Jordan
Morris Jordan 23 orë më parë
DMX had his own unique style. He didn't tryna copy nobody else's style. How came out with the overall, timberlands boots, 4 wheelers, pitbulls & he wored dog chain around his neck. He rap about his life, an the stuff that he been through, an people can relate to it. He was one of the realest rappers that ever picked up a mic. You can't say that about to many rappers. R.I.✌ DMX aka Earl Simmons 💔😭😭😭😭
pinkie finger
pinkie finger 23 orë më parë
Sul Say
Sul Say 23 orë më parë
RIP X ! Real in the field!
No Trucks Given
No Trucks Given 23 orë më parë
You can live without drugs. Juicy J Can't!
Pau Rojas
Pau Rojas 23 orë më parë
🌌 triple taurus energy 🌌
Empress Reign
Empress Reign 23 orë më parë
I love Earl so much like he has literally saved me🙌🏿❤
Colby Lacefield
Colby Lacefield 23 orë më parë
Russel Crowe seems like such a genuinely good guy in this interview
Big Simp Lofi
Big Simp Lofi Ditë më parë
1:12 he said it “n word” (I’m jokin)
Shea Ditë më parë
I loved Cop Car.
Patrick Tilton
Patrick Tilton Ditë më parë
St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes . . . which is what I once thought the song was about.
Chlorine Poison
Chlorine Poison Ditë më parë
D-Money 2 Smooth
D-Money 2 Smooth Ditë më parë
RIP DMX always rocked the sickest Timbs, I never seen those before
Dark is Wavy
Dark is Wavy Ditë më parë
Polo speakin in all caps ong.
Almendra Calderón
Almendra Calderón Ditë më parë
zeekmorris Ditë më parë
Tame my giant pube bush.
Roberto Clemente
Roberto Clemente Ditë më parë
She looks, and is, rather awful
Cony N.
Cony N. Ditë më parë
My mom, all day, every day: forget about that boy, what was his name? Luke? He definitely looks like a bad boy. Me, all day, every day: Excuse me? His name is Luke and he literally prefers painting his nails to getting his body tattooed. He's a good boy. Ps= Love you mom, but in moments like that, I definitely don't love you. Ps2= That just an Excuse. I love all of them, but mom don't have to know that ¿right? We don't want her to think i'm crazy or something. Or realize that I'm already obsessed with this band. It's kinda secret
Opetaia Ditë më parë
Law Abiding Citizen is such a under rated movie.
__dr.fuck Ditë më parë
Was absolutely high, here
Kyuu Kirigaya
Kyuu Kirigaya Ditë më parë
How can they make this without Sebastian Stan's video after??????
Bastián Zurita
Bastián Zurita Ditë më parë
Johnny Utah.
Swag Bitch
Swag Bitch Ditë më parë
Emma Boyce
Emma Boyce Ditë më parë
We lost an absolute legend and most importantly a genuine and humble guy.
Charlie Klawinski
Charlie Klawinski Ditë më parë
The last one cracks me up!😂😂😂
olivetreepigg Ditë më parë
KG solo man 5000
amin sahraee
amin sahraee Ditë më parë
Most Authentic one ever
JoeShit TheRagMan
JoeShit TheRagMan Ditë më parë
The real deal survivor man
Vigknesh Ditë më parë
Imagine this going bad and having to wait again to make this.
Cony N.
Cony N. Ditë më parë
Luke was like: "Yeah, i'm here... But i'm not actually here". Love him 4ever, just saying
clips65 Ditë më parë
B4M phoenix
B4M phoenix Ditë më parë
Is it just me or the clicking sound really satisfying.
Avery Thill
Avery Thill Ditë më parë
I love My Hero Academia, Attack On Titan, and Naruto too!
Damarrion Gilkey
Damarrion Gilkey Ditë më parë
Dem H78
Dem H78 Ditë më parë
Steven Yeun should read thirst tweets!
AaA WwW Ditë më parë
he talks like the video's on 1.25x speed