Stuntman Breaks Down Motorcycle Scenes from Movies | GQ

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Stunt performer Rick English breaks down motorcycle scenes from movies, including 'John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum,' 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation,' 'Skyfall,' 'The Dark Knight,' 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day,' 'The Great Escape,' 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,' 'The World's Fastest Indian' and 'Easy Rider.'
Instagram- @rickstunts
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Stuntman Breaks Down Motorcycle Scenes from Movies | GQ

MANGO VRSEMM 2 orë më parë
MANGO VRSEMM 2 orë më parë
MANGO VRSEMM 2 orë më parë
Dirtbike Dave
Dirtbike Dave 5 orë më parë
XR100R or 80R with 2 stroke sound effects ruined that movie for me. Haha. Just kidding, one of the best movies ever and the special effects were well ahead of its time and still stand up today.
Darrell Turner
Darrell Turner 13 orë më parë
Stunt performers are insane and so is Tom Cruise. Said respectfully
Daniel Pearson
Daniel Pearson 20 orë më parë
I was really expecting Wild hogs to be on here lol but awsome video
JustJacke Ditë më parë
Him talking about C.H.I.P.S would be awesome
yabbadabba1975 2 ditë më parë
Yeah, the motorcycle the kid is riding in the Terminator is on a frame intended for a kid. The XR on the side of the seat was a 70-100 cc model.
thejahfox 2 ditë më parë
God I miss riding. Stay safe out there.
Brad Russell
Brad Russell 2 ditë më parë
Rick loved it man, awesome breakdown, really enjoyed your stunts, skills, insights, behind the scene explanations, thanks for sharing :)
Hector's Kmetija
Hector's Kmetija 3 ditë më parë
Well that 40 mins passed in what seemed like 5 mins. Highly enjoyable. Reminded me (if I remember correctly) a bit in the Matrix where she pulls away with the clutch in.
Henrik R
Henrik R 3 ditë më parë
I didn’t know John Cleese used to be a stuntman.
Your Big Head Cousin
Your Big Head Cousin 3 ditë më parë
You could pass under a semi-trailer if the landing gear was removed, the spare rack was removed, you were extremely low to the ground and the truck was moving very slowly. I'm 6ft 1 and I have to crouch to 90° to get under those trailers.
John Burns
John Burns 5 ditë më parë
Stone! check a piece of dust at 180 mph!
mglmouser 5 ditë më parë
Didn't do Top Secret!!!
Nick L
Nick L 5 ditë më parë
Are you sure 7:40 wasn't rev matching?
Alaric Balthi
Alaric Balthi 5 ditë më parë
Concerning the 'Worlds fastest Indian' and the lack of safety equioment at the time... Yeah well just two decades before racedrivers outright refused to wear seatbelts and had leathercaps as helmets. Times change, knowing what we know, times certainly were dangerous back then. To them, it was normal and acceptable risk.
K R 6 ditë më parë
was just thinking of toms leather @ 10:12 lol y u survive but the wounds.... not real if u ask me.....
Shahar C
Shahar C 6 ditë më parë
Thank you for not doing "Torque" !!
Mike Carbaugh
Mike Carbaugh 6 ditë më parë
Lost credibility when he said an MT09 would do 160-170
Max Musterman
Max Musterman 6 ditë më parë
ich mag es zum beispiel nicht wenn man enduros mit 4zyl sound und strassenmaschienenverkeliedung hatt wie in bikerboyz
Kaleb Johnson
Kaleb Johnson 6 ditë më parë
mt09's going 170 mph, o.k
finaddict 7 ditë më parë
I did a fall similar to Tom. I definitely did not turn out ok. I rolled and rolled knocking myself out, ripping off my ear. Cut my body up and lots of blood loss. I feel the roll is correct but just walking away is crazy. I physically ripped my fingers threw my riding gloves.
Jonathan Vermillion
Jonathan Vermillion 9 ditë më parë
Badass video
chriszichriszable 9 ditë më parë
6:09 yeah.. totally agree when I go 100mph I want eye "protection" in forms of sunglasses... /s 😂😂😂😂
Jonathon Carey
Jonathon Carey 9 ditë më parë
Jason Bourn bike seen?
Ed Fries
Ed Fries 10 ditë më parë
While I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I have to ask that if Rick gets another video, he should look at the movie "Torque". I apologize for this in advance.
Vanic ULUKUK 11 ditë më parë
You know he is good nearly every movies he said " I worked on this movie"
patrick morey
patrick morey 12 ditë më parë
i own the bike in the first scene (mt-09), and i can tell you that if you where to be that twitchy on the throttle you would crash for sure or at least be very jumpy
Joseph Phillips
Joseph Phillips 12 ditë më parë
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MEGAMM76 12 ditë më parë
Jodezza 13 ditë më parë
That was superb. Thanks Rick and thanks GQ, one of the best.
Ishtiaque Hussain
Ishtiaque Hussain 14 ditë më parë
Where's Matrix?!!!
Peter Balac
Peter Balac 14 ditë më parë
Rob Herring was riding the bike with the cameras on in the motorcycle scenes in Skyfall.
Devin the dude
Devin the dude 14 ditë më parë
I know Tom Cruise does most of his stunts but I bet this dude would be a good stuntman for him
Devin the dude
Devin the dude 14 ditë më parë
If I would have just waited and watched I guess I was right
Timothy Whitaker
Timothy Whitaker 15 ditë më parë
Gary mclarty double Arnold on the Harley, McQueen did all the stunts and doubled the German who was chasing I thought
Back Door
Back Door 15 ditë më parë
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self production
self production 15 ditë më parë
Keanu owns motorcycles I think, he probably knows ab motorcycle so😂
gilty 23
gilty 23 15 ditë më parë
He also co-owns his own motorcycle company so yea. Rick most likely knows that though
zepedrofd 15 ditë më parë
Yeah a bike can go a long way without a rider! A biker on a Harley was hit by a swerving car on a french motorway. The guy was wounded on the ground watched his bike still going. It was found in Paris about 6 miles further. There are videos of it, called the ghost bike of the A4 I believe. I'm sure there are other stories like that even more incredible!
Evan trulock jones
Evan trulock jones 16 ditë më parë
I met a fellow in a bar in 29 plams ca. His name was crazy Dave he claimed to be the stunt man who did that bike stunt in the and many other bike stunts. Thought he was full of crap until the next day when he jumped a clapped out kx250 over 100' with no landing ramp, for charity.
Rosie E
Rosie E 17 ditë më parë
Rick English who is English...ok👌🏻
Happy Raccoon
Happy Raccoon 17 ditë më parë
I always wear my Vuarnets when I'm going 130+
The Warrior Song Project
The Warrior Song Project 17 ditë më parë
I know the guy who rigged that motorcycle jump in T2. The entire bike was sliding down a cable, which was painted out of the frames after the fact. It was on a wire.
Paul S
Paul S 2 ditë më parë
@The Warrior Song Project Depends on the version you watch. Cameron went back in the newer vesions and cgi out the stuntman's face. And in John Wick that scene is done on a stage on a greenscreen.
The Warrior Song Project
The Warrior Song Project 4 ditë më parë
@john doe no it was definitely not Arnold, and if you freeze frame it in the middle of that jump you can see the face of the stunt man pretty clearly. :)
john doe
john doe 4 ditë më parë
Do you know if Arnold actually did the stunt? I doubt that he did, it just really looked like him, and it seems like with cables it was t too bad. Thanks
2000jago 4 ditë më parë
That's exactly what he said in the video....
Joshua Mack
Joshua Mack 19 ditë më parë
Saw video of a lighter Harley model doing a much smaller jump. A peg broke off.
2 wheels r best
2 wheels r best 19 ditë më parë
Being a Biker myself I enjoyed watching this , however ... I just cannot believe the Studio would of allowed TC to do those stunts where he wasn't wearing a helmet. As for 180mph Ricks clearly never been on a French Peage 😉
MC Ho 19 ditë më parë
Squid Tom high siding at 100mph and got up without even a torn shirt/ scratch, “yah, very well done, pretty realistic”
Deborah chesser
Deborah chesser 19 ditë më parë
Nothing scarier than a tank slapper at 100 or so
Nick Dancy
Nick Dancy 21 ditë më parë
99 percent of lowsides are front wheel loosing traction. Not rear.
mike 14 ditë më parë
Niles Graham
Niles Graham 21 ditë më parë
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Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson 22 ditë më parë
I wish you had watched "The Worlds Fastest Indian" before you commented on it. Also the salt gives you no traction. This is the reason for the long run up to the Measured Mile. you need to watch some videos about Bonneville to know what you are talking about.
False Prophet
False Prophet 23 ditë më parë
David Handley
David Handley 23 ditë më parë
blkmtrwrke 24 ditë më parë
Apparently he hasn't seen the John wick making of, because the entire bike sequence was cg blended so almost none of what you see that's impressive is real.
O G 24 ditë më parë
TOm cruise 130mph no helmet .. mad respect for that dude that you did that by himself
ABC EFG 24 ditë më parë
It was the T2 movie that I love chopper.😅
paul anthony bulao
paul anthony bulao 24 ditë më parë
aliens breakdown aliens in aliens movie
Michelle Hamby
Michelle Hamby 26 ditë më parë
The selective particle outstandingly call because bonsai concretely land afore a grotesque celeste. tasteless, oval snowboarding
RedRupert64 26 ditë më parë
He obviously knows his bikes. A real motorcyclist.
Kent Luttrell
Kent Luttrell 26 ditë më parë
Doc Charbonneau doubling Furlong. If I remember correctly, 5' 1"...
Antonio Rios
Antonio Rios 27 ditë më parë
Can u put a mic on this guy
uses0ap 27 ditë më parë
Wow, a GQ motorcycle video with someone who actually knows motorcycles
Jacob Hawthorne
Jacob Hawthorne 27 ditë më parë
For a sec I thought he said he would need £400 for that crash, not 400lb
Gordon McLatchie
Gordon McLatchie 27 ditë më parë
This guy should be a presenter of sorts could listen to him all day
Uselink 28 ditë më parë
For the dark knight sequence, it is in the making of were they say the cape was shorter so that it wont tangle in the tiers
Kusunoky 28 ditë më parë
One of the best brake down. Me as one who drive moto what he says its actually accurate.
Mr. Gray
Mr. Gray 28 ditë më parë
That John Wick sequence was 100% Grinscreen ) The bikes wasn't driving anywhere
1Up_Doug 28 ditë më parë
When he said the fz09 does 160mph he lost me. They do 133 stock lmao
Stefan UK
Stefan UK 29 ditë më parë
1st minute of the video: “ an MT09 can do 170mph so you would probably want to gear it down” *sigh* This video had potential too..... SKIP
mike 14 ditë më parë
ohhh nooo someone is making a mistake how can he....
pjdiver3 29 ditë më parë
"Rick English"? C'mon man, that's like me being called "John American"
Andrew Don
Andrew Don 29 ditë më parë
Fun fact 2 Ape Hanger bars and cruiser style bikes were developed in the early days of motorcycling in the USA when roads were often dirt and over grown by tree branches and bushes. The long, low centre of gravity kept bikes stable on looser surfaces and the shape of the bars let branches and other obstacles hit the bars before they would hit the rider's hands.
Andrew Don
Andrew Don 29 ditë më parë
Fun fact Steve McQueen's bike in The Great Escape was a Triumph dressed up to look like a BMW, it found fame in later life as the bike of one Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli on Happy Days
Cruz Shepherd
Cruz Shepherd Muaj më parë
Also in the mission impossible scene that pair of sunglasses must have been glued to his face because well going that fast and looking back there’s no way it’s staying in his face so how real is this scene 🤔
Joshua Mack
Joshua Mack 19 ditë më parë
With his long hair it's probably easy enough to hide some fishing line around his head.
Den Ayiiim
Den Ayiiim 28 ditë më parë
Yea... even goin 70 kmph your glasses never be staying for too long except it will be flying off your face
Husain Kalawadwala
Husain Kalawadwala Muaj më parë
Why dont we get to see people like Rick in lead or supporting roles..Great video and a good lesson on physics.. :) :)
sexiewasd Muaj më parë
I loved how john wick they were all forced to fight left handed to keep on the throttle, I know Keanu rides and that mattered for this scene
less Muaj më parë
get a bicycle freewheeling down a hill and give it a little push sideways as it goes past
ANTHONY SCOTT Muaj më parë
This was amazing to watch and super informative as well. Thanks, and more please!
DrKampfpudding Muaj më parë
Sunglases would do nothing againt Stones at 40 mph +
wackywankavator Muaj më parë
They do-do'ed on the Ghost Rider motorcycle? :(
Msfitoy Factory
Msfitoy Factory Muaj më parë
How does Tom's sunglasses stay on when he turns his head at speed?
theymusthatetesla Muaj më parë
Great!....just a shame about the annoying background 'music'.
Hoodilydaddle Bear
Hoodilydaddle Bear Muaj më parë
Awesome video. Love the explainations and the basic bike models. Great find !
CJ Muaj më parë
Question: If Tom's character is going at full speed with S1000RR, and the "villian" is also trying to catch up to him at full speed with the S1000RR, wouldn't they be at constant distance? There's no way the villian would be able to catch up to him. (My primary pet peeve in all car chase/bike chase scenes)
K I B Λ K I Muaj më parë
Easy answer= Max speed is always a last resort, the more speed you get, the less control you have as well as the more susceptible you get to even just cracks in roads. So the risk of riding at the absolute limit (or past it) isn't worth the reward of still being followed regardless.
thepayne78 Muaj më parë
The John Wick 3 motorcycle scene was their homage to the motorcycle chase in the korean action flick The Villainess. Should react to that scene sometime.
allrequiredfields Muaj më parë
28:57 - anyone else catch it?
Adam G
Adam G Muaj më parë
I love the BMW S1000RR
Jens Rahm
Jens Rahm Muaj më parë
Great breakdown. And yeah cruise is crazy. Mega paid actor doing stunts without a helmet and in a shirt 😅
Bear Lemley
Bear Lemley Muaj më parë
There was a behind the scenes that covered how they did the John Wick scenes by an affiliate of the film company. I think it is on the DVD
Kendall Holt
Kendall Holt Muaj më parë
Definitely better than the last dude with the sideways hat
thebatonmaster Muaj më parë
Really liked this guy's breakdown. Thanks for bringing him in.
jalabi99 Muaj më parë
4:24 "There's no reason to risk the actor in a scene like that." **Tom Cruise has left the chat**
Super Saiyan Solid Snake
Super Saiyan Solid Snake 8 ditë më parë
It's a bit different when the actor is the executive producer.
landon5583 Muaj më parë
MT-09 uses a crossplane inline triple, very linear powerband with a lot of low-end. It probably maxes out at
Skysthelimit212 Muaj më parë
"Priest breaks down exorcism scenes in movies"
Jon Muaj më parë
Poor guy prob can't watch a movie without unconsciously analyzing every bit of it
Yeah it's me.
Yeah it's me. Muaj më parë
Good vid. I'm 69 years old and I've been riding since I was a kid. I still ride. I don't really like choppers. I don't like having to walk the bike around corners lol. I tend to like cruisers but I have a sport bike and legacy sport. Lately I've been riding (and enjoying) my Yammie SR400 single cylinder kick start only. Fastest I've been able to get the SR400 to was 95 MPH. Man it was fun. It just feels like the old days lol.
computerbob06 Muaj më parë
1:56 Wow! A bike stunt for £400 and that's considered a lot of money? Wow!
Zero EV
Zero EV Muaj më parë
Brilliant and very interesting well done Rick!
thestonehashira Muaj më parë
The BTS of John Wick action scene was cool
John Daltrocanto
John Daltrocanto Muaj më parë
How can you do a video like this and not include the matrix chase in it
Nathan Rhyne
Nathan Rhyne Muaj më parë
The entire john wick motorcycle scene was CG
Meyer Rosen
Meyer Rosen Muaj më parë
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