Jazz Musician Robert Glasper Breaks Down Jazz Scenes from Movies | GQ

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Jazz pianist Robert Glasper breaks down jazz scenes from movies, including 'Whiplash,' 'LaLa Land,' 'Bird,' 'Miles Ahead,' 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,' 'Mo' Better Blues' and ''Round Midnight.'



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Jazz Musician Robert Glasper Breaks Down Jazz Scenes from Movies | GQ

YoutubeCertifiedMechanic 2 orë më parë
is he really analyzing anchorman unironically? geez bro, lighten up...
jazzdudenextdoor 17 orë më parë
Lol when Glasper quotes the licc at the end of his scat bop line around 2:18
Euronymous 2 ditë më parë
2:18 the licc spotted
TheBlueGoldenHawk 3 ditë më parë
16:49 Miles is playing the drums most of the time, but usually if they did shots without his face it was a pro jazz drummer filling in (ba-dum-tss) for the harder parts. Also, it seems like he didn't watch Whiplash since he talked a while about the drummer just suddenly starting without the director counting. The whole point of that part is him getting back at Simmons' character (the band director) for tricking him into playing a song on stage that Miles didn't know. Especially by suddenly starting the uptempo Caravan in the middle of Simmons talking to the audience saying the band was about to play a slow downtempo song next.
Paradoxiaal 4 ditë më parë
Did Michael Bay edit this?
Elizabeth Freeman
Elizabeth Freeman 4 ditë më parë
The yielding dad extremely belong because transaction occasionally stroke by a disgusted deer. super, testy dream
James Richmond
James Richmond 5 ditë më parë
Who are these people that think Kenny G is jazz? He's musac. Kenny G = jazz does not compute.
Don L
Don L 5 ditë më parë
All original jazzers were African American but don’t forget that even interracial ppl are dubbed Black here colloquially then and now. There definitely were Europeans at the beginning, lending Modes and notation although it is a Black art form.
Trevor Ford
Trevor Ford 6 ditë më parë
Any of y’all catch the lick while he was scatting?
Bobosmodernlife 10 ditë më parë
That final scene in Whiplash is phenomenal. Always get hairs in my neck raising :)
kasra royalblood
kasra royalblood 10 ditë më parë
I was waiting for the movie Chicago
Random PC-User
Random PC-User 10 ditë më parë
"If notes had eyes, that's what it would look like." Very well said.
ryuman757 14 ditë më parë
Would've loved to hear about Soul 😭🔥
Melissa Abe
Melissa Abe 14 ditë më parë
Not an H-town legend 🥰
Scott Hammell
Scott Hammell 15 ditë më parë
Nick Paul
Nick Paul 16 ditë më parë
Probably should have filled him in on the plot of Whiplash first
Iron Blunt
Iron Blunt 16 ditë më parë
So little views on this video, so little
LD Schultz
LD Schultz 16 ditë më parë
La La Land is a very well made stupid cringeworthy movie
Jack Marken
Jack Marken 18 ditë më parë
23:06 “studio time” works perfectly with the background music
Hunter Craig
Hunter Craig 19 ditë më parë
Jazz became the inspiration for tons of different genres. I know a whole lot of people don’t like jazz but jazz is very important in music history.
Tanya Barnhart
Tanya Barnhart 19 ditë më parë
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Heedy 21 ditë më parë
I could listen to him for days!!!
Mrwruble 22 ditë më parë
This has been my favorite episode so far
videohistory722 22 ditë më parë
I feel like you missed the point of why Miles Tellers character walks onto the stage and plays without waiting: Fletcher just made him screw up on purpose by leading the band with a song Miles didn't know and wasn't given the sheet music for, which would've ended any jazz career Miles would've had. What Miles did was in retaliation.
Tanner Lewis
Tanner Lewis 22 ditë më parë
😁 A little bias... Love it
Sotan Hepho
Sotan Hepho 23 ditë më parë
I like jazz fusion :o
Alex Znamensky
Alex Znamensky 24 ditë më parë
To tell the truth, I've clicked just in order to find out if Ryan Gosling is actually a competent musician as well. Anyway, can't say I'm disappointed after watching the whole thing.
yo mama
yo mama 26 ditë më parë
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ricardo paz
ricardo paz 27 ditë më parë
I know that this isn't a movie, but I'd like to hear a jazz player react to Kids on the Slope.
emmamaria 27 ditë më parë
I would LOVE Robert to review the French/American series, The Eddy. It is amaaaazing 😍😍😍
BOBI CHUNG Muaj më parë
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marc777danielle Muaj më parë
I miss dreadlocked Rob Glasper. He's actually a hilarious guy.
mistressofthewicket Muaj më parë
It's funny what he says about the whole "Jazz is Dead" thing in La La Land because that was exactly John Legend''s characters points and why he was so interested in changing up styles. But he was treated like the bad guy and Ryan Goslings character the hero
Ricky Beckett
Ricky Beckett Muaj më parë
I'm glad to have heard what he said about there being "no wrong notes in jazz, but there are wrong notes in jazz," especially the difference between purposeful wrong notes and accidental wrong notes. I'm classically trained on the saxophone, but I've played in a lot of jazz ensembles throughout my former career. One thing that bugs me a lot about my classical musician friends is when they say "there's no wrong notes in jazz" as a critique. Anyone who says that doesn't really understand jazz at all. In jazz, sometimes there's a time to play a wrong note on purpose as you're improvising. But when there's something in the music that's clearly laid out, there's *no* time for a wrong note, and it becomes obvious. There *are* wrong notes in jazz; the point is what the purpose behind them is. In fact, pianist Bill Evans is famous for saying, "There are no wrong notes, only wrong resolutions." He viewed "mistakes" as a valued skill in jazz improvisation. To be a truly skilled jazz musician is to take a clear mistake and resolve it. In this respect, there are no "wrong notes" but there are wrong notes. Bill Evans' philosophy gets to the heart of jazz. I love both classical and jazz music. Jazz is creative; classical is very regimented. Both are beautiful. But there are even purposeful wrong notes in classical music. That's what dissonant chords are. So, to say there are "no wrong notes in jazz" as a negative critique is really just due to ignorance more than it is an educated fact.
Emmanuel Gapud
Emmanuel Gapud Muaj më parë
"Jazz changes". Changes. Ba-dum-tss.
Nate Levinson
Nate Levinson Muaj më parë
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Milly Wallace
Milly Wallace Muaj më parë
So good. What a personable speaker!
Kyle A.
Kyle A. Muaj më parë
*interesting thought* KSSSSZZZZZZCCCHHH *movie clip* KKKKSHSHHSTTHST *interesting historical context* KKKKSHESESEEHNTNSHNTS. What subtle editing
Kere Amohau
Kere Amohau Muaj më parë
Can someone help me. I caught a movie YEARS ago that was about a Trumpet player that played with Big bands and orchestras but lost it all to drugs and alcohol. I've completely forgot the name of the film but I know that it was Arturo Sandaval who recorded the trumpet for the movie. I've tried looking it up but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated
Federica Carlino
Federica Carlino Muaj më parë
This is an amazing music history lesson in disguise! Robert Glasper, please, do it again even without movie scenes! 👏
Dreadpirate Muaj më parë
Robert Glasper is such an amazing artist.
Cole Garland
Cole Garland Muaj më parë
I find it hilarious that he talks specifically about the boring background "smooth jazz" music phenomenon, and whoever edited this decided to absolutely BUMP some obnoxiously loud elevator music over everything he says. Like... we're you paying attention? What happened? You need some new cans so you can hear your mix properly?
Carl Does Music
Carl Does Music Muaj më parë
ROBERT! Why you whispering??!! I'm over 50% volume homie. Stay jazzy tho.
tabby licious
tabby licious Muaj më parë
ahh so "Bebop" is that jazzy solo that was in Park Kyung's When I'm With You, Gwichanist and INSTANT.. honestly underrated sound in kpop when its all just noise music :
Josh Y
Josh Y Muaj më parë
Yes jazz yesssssssssssss i need to find this guy so i can listen to him
PoweredByThor Muaj më parë
@2:18 sneaky little licc there, I see you
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Muaj më parë
superduperjoi Muaj më parë
They forgot the Bee Movie
weh3weh3 Muaj më parë
Bird = Yardbird = chicken
N0handles Muaj më parë
Thanks for the reminder that I need to be practicing
Odysseus Laertiades
Odysseus Laertiades Muaj më parë
Why did you insert frequent cuts in the explanation? I suppose this is meant to look 'dynamic' and 'modern', but in fact it is really annoying and ruins the overall impression.
Kornél MAGYAR Muaj më parë
Pity that The Cotton Club is missing out (Coppola). Other than that, it is a beautiful testimony. Thank you so much, Robert, you have grown to be some of my jazz heroes next to cats like Lyle Mays or Keith Jarrett.
TheDCGuitar13 Muaj më parë
The background music is the type of music Robert actually plays lol. It’s ironic watching folks say they need to change it.
Timon 24 ditë më parë
Are you kidding me?
Alice Aramoni
Alice Aramoni Muaj më parë
The first bit about whiplash I kinda have to disagree. The context of that happening was that the drummer got tricked by the band director and he ended up running off the stage crying. Him Walking back on and taking control like that was MEANT to be a massive f*** you to the director for potentially killing his career. Of course everyone was confused that was the point. Of course that wouldn’t happen in real life. I would have loved for him to talk more about the personality of the director. But as a whole I absolutely LOVED this video. I wanna watch all the movies in the list
luis colon
luis colon Muaj më parë
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Robin Hood Was a Socialist
Robin Hood Was a Socialist Muaj më parë
To be honest, Miles teller didn’t play ALL the drums in that movie. You occasionally see someone else’s arms behind that kit.
Thabiso Mhlaba
Thabiso Mhlaba Muaj më parë
2:18-2:20 did i hear the lick??
Jezza Muaj më parë
Why the awful, cheesy background music? Ruins the video...
Brandon Collins
Brandon Collins Muaj më parë
“You don’t clock out with music.” New favorite quote.
UhhhAdam Muaj më parë
2:18 he did not just sing what I think he did smh....
Ben Burns
Ben Burns Muaj më parë
he bee bops the lick
A8uella Muaj më parë
This man is my hero, he’s taken my soul to Valhalla on to many occasion. Thank you sir 🙏🏾🌌
E - Sharpe
E - Sharpe Muaj më parë
I hate how technology is making everyone think they are a "musician" because the can click a mouse
Richard Muaj më parë
I should go practice... why am i even here?
Andy William
Andy William Muaj më parë
Wow man, where have you been in my life? or may be the other around 😆 you just sum up Jazz in other level simple way. I have many Jazz teacher like 10 of them and never told me about this 🤔 come on man.
Kent bell
Kent bell Muaj më parë
@shadowbreaks twisted evil word will never extinct till Jesus come 🙏 amitaba
shadowbreaks Muaj më parë
Well no ofence but non of your teachers has hes level
Adam Gillespie
Adam Gillespie Muaj më parë
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson Muaj më parë
2:18 almost the lick
Khai French
Khai French Muaj më parë
Glasper definitely didnt watch whiplash. the musicians in the end scene were veteran musicians that Fletcher recruited so in the end, all of them should have definitely knew how to come in
sorry.I had to do it to you
sorry.I had to do it to you Muaj më parë
2:18 mhmmm. The 👅
Zsolt Pásztor
Zsolt Pásztor Muaj më parë
I would be curious about his opinion on the anime called "Kids on the slope".
Nate Levinson
Nate Levinson Muaj më parë
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Morgan Ritson
Morgan Ritson Muaj më parë
Loved his insight on the "Jazz is dying" line. John Legend basically makes that same point in the movie: that jazz is as much about changing as it is about the music, and if Sebastian wants to really keep jazz alive, he can't try to keep it in the past.
박현 Muaj më parë
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Nate Levinson
Nate Levinson Muaj më parë
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Nick Gamez
Nick Gamez Muaj më parë
booooooooo why is this fruity guy holding his phone the whole time? put that thing down
Street Hierarchy
Street Hierarchy Muaj më parë
Please tell me Mo' Better Blues is in here. It's the greatest jazz movie of all time.
Street Hierarchy
Street Hierarchy Muaj më parë
@Donnie Clapp no time for it.
Donnie Clapp
Donnie Clapp Muaj më parë
I mean, try watching the video you are taking the time to comment on?
Dale Charles
Dale Charles Muaj më parë
Robert Glasper doesn't really does not get the recognition he deserves . True custodian of Jazz in the spirit of Herbie Hancock & Wynton Marsalis
James Lunn
James Lunn Muaj më parë
Was that... The lick?
d'Jawnz Muaj më parë
Not Kansas, Robert. KANSAS CITY!!!
Alex Granger
Alex Granger Muaj më parë
I like how Robert talked about the anchorman scene, like will Ferrell was trynna actually portray jazz lmfao
Allison H
Allison H Muaj më parë
IT-kone Muaj më parë
About the captions: 30:25 onwards he is talking about "bongos", not "bungalows". Otherwise, great job in the captions!
Denix Vames
Denix Vames Muaj më parë
When did elevators ever had music?
Darious Marshall
Darious Marshall Muaj më parë
Patrick Selden
Patrick Selden Muaj më parë
Nice one, Robert. ☝️😎
BlackRoots UNLIMITED Muaj më parë
EverydayStrangers Muaj më parë
I love how Robert starts with "that's just not true" 🤣🤣 #Everydaystrangers
get christie love
get christie love Muaj më parë
This is great. Round Midnight is my favorite jazz movie 🎥
Ebony And Ivory
Ebony And Ivory Muaj më parë
2:18 the lick
Ken K
Ken K Muaj më parë
Legendary dude.
RipCity Raptors
RipCity Raptors Muaj më parë
I’m 15 jazz is my life
Enric Sangra
Enric Sangra Muaj më parë
That lick at the end of his bebop solo is great :D
Colin Parmenter
Colin Parmenter Muaj më parë
Couldn't afford adam neely
Aren Takaishi
Aren Takaishi 2 muaj më parë
This is really insightful! Great vid!
Not Magic Ok
Not Magic Ok 2 muaj më parë
2:18 did he just...
Not Magic Ok
Not Magic Ok 2 muaj më parë
Nicola Barban
Nicola Barban 2 muaj më parë
liked the dude, i'm gonna check him out straight
Kit Cowper
Kit Cowper 2 muaj më parë
Genuine question: how many people in New Orleans spoke English around the time jazz was created? I thought that French and English were both spoken at that time, and that several people who were important in its creation spoke French primarily (e.g Mr Jelly Roll).
Leah Tyus
Leah Tyus 2 muaj më parë
Robert Glasper is King
Jason Ward
Jason Ward 2 muaj më parë
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