Meteorologist Breaks Down Natural Disasters in Movies & TV | GQ

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Meteorologist David Yeomans breaks down natural disaster scenes from movies and television, including 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' 'The Day After Tomorrow,' 'The Crown,' 'Only the Brave,' 'Twister,' 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' 'War of the Worlds,' 'The Impossible,' 'Dante's Peak' and 'Everest.'

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Meteorologist Breaks Down Natural Disasters in Movies & TV | GQ

Falcon Lopez
Falcon Lopez 3 minuta më parë
*never knew how much interest I had in this topic until I was baited with the title*
Vox Silencio
Vox Silencio 3 orë më parë
So our future is a mini ice age huh
PAULDOUGLAS 3 orë më parë
Homie looks like he had a long night
Reny Ramirezz
Reny Ramirezz 4 orë më parë
The smog
BASIL 4 orë më parë
This video made me both less scared of natural disasters and very scared of natural disasters at the same time
beth flynn
beth flynn 6 orë më parë
Peep young Tom Holland at 33:24
Katie Dwyer
Katie Dwyer 6 orë më parë
So before COVID-19, there were people wearing masks in Los Angeles and China to prevent breathing in the smog?
Doma Tron
Doma Tron 6 orë më parë
I learn so much more which this channel than I learn all my life in school
DorrisGonnaWreckyou 6 orë më parë
46 mins?????
Dan M
Dan M 7 orë më parë
Weeellllll... we have SOME control over natural disasters. Recycle people.
Ogre God
Ogre God 8 orë më parë
Thunder is probably the loudest thing I’ve heard. Gunshots are loud and I actually went deaf in my right ear for a whole minute after firing a shotgun. My hearing went back to normal in the next few days but it gave me personal experience of how loud guns really are. I had heard real loud thunder before but lightning struck literally right next to my house, and I saw the flash through the blinds of my window and all through the house, it sounded like when I shot that shotgun but multiplied by 200 and thankfully not right next to me. It shook my whole house and myself. It was kind of like how the bass at a concert vibrates you. Lightning is a super underrated natural disaster even though it’s not nearly as destructive as a tornado or hurricane.
Dray 8 orë më parë
I only watch for the intro
Cuyir 9 orë më parë
He’s my local chief meteorologist
Cryptic H.R
Cryptic H.R 12 orë më parë
TIL a lot about weather stuff. Nice
John Warren
John Warren 13 orë më parë
I watched this just because David is our hot local weatherman here in Austin, but I actually learned a lot!
pandabby 14 orë më parë
I listened to a guy talk about weather for almost an hour and absolutely enjoyed it
GBF 14 orë më parë
How lightning and fire can make its own weather reminds me of the itachi vs Sasuke fight
DOOM89 15 orë më parë
i think he missed something when he talked about LA tornadoes and that they rarely happen due to local conditions, he does know that the movies plot follows a catastrophic climate shift right? if that means anything anyway lol. also, i think seismographs pick up vibrations, and i think a tornado hitting a building causes vibrations...
Sableagle 16 orë më parë
This video's only 46 minutes long, and you want to fit everything wrong with _The Day After Tomorrow_ into it? Speak faster.
mary north
mary north 16 orë më parë
Here in florida lighten tore someone's roof in half o.o
Matthew estevez
Matthew estevez 16 orë më parë
Why not bring this guy when filming the movies so it doesn’t look stupid and unrealistic
kingston darko
kingston darko 20 orë më parë
So u mean to tell me sasuke was right wit Kirin
Erik Gonzalez
Erik Gonzalez 22 orë më parë
I’m a huge fan of weather events especially weather disaster movies so it’s cool to have him explain.
Maria DelaCruz
Maria DelaCruz 23 orë më parë
I love disaster movies
Hank Pikuni
Hank Pikuni Ditë më parë
These guys walking down hill with no look out in the green is the opposite of a well trained firefighter. The crew boss was trying to save vehicles and not acknowledging this is a determent for future fire fighters in my opinion. RIP GMH.
QueenCersei85 Ditë më parë
It always makes me giggle on these that they act like these movies did scientific research before making the movie. It’s a disaster movie which means they just throw a bunch of disasters in the worst place possible for entertainment value.
Quinn Grey
Quinn Grey Ditë më parë
God I love Day After Tomorrow, and honestly i love it even more after this. Its so bad
Ben Ditë më parë
Most of this looks like Western Australia on a summer day.
Ben Ditë më parë
1st class presentation. That twister scene is still scary.
Tyler Anselmo
Tyler Anselmo Ditë më parë
Why isnt geostorm on this list
HMS P. Ditë më parë
Could point out something about that lightning striking twice at the same place but it's too complicated to write that at 3AM -'-
Azazel Ditë më parë
33:20 is that young Tom Holland and Ewan McGregor?
Matt D
Matt D Ditë më parë
:40 thers been 349 tornados at one place once and 167 in a state at the same time
Russell Deuel
Russell Deuel Ditë më parë
Wait a minute.....did he say "global warming" 10,000 years ago? But how could that be?? There was no industrialized civilization around at that time to cause global warming!
Nikkoli Quesada
Nikkoli Quesada Ditë më parë
Where is my boy reed timmer lol
aimASSIST2K Ditë më parë
Why isn’t the South Park episode on this ?
aimASSIST2K Ditë më parë
7:18 climate change is unrealistic ? Ok bud you must be one of them trump sporters
Jimmy Brewer
Jimmy Brewer Ditë më parë
Don't tell me tornados do not last that long, May 3rd, 1999. The tornado started in Tuttle Oklahoma and traveled all the way Northeast across the state, to give an idea it takes just over two hours to travel between the two cities. The majority of our tornados last for quite awhile. Worst thing I saw was the May 3rd, after the tornado passed and we came out of shelter we were driving down the street and saw a horse walking with a 2x4 through its side.
Breakbeat Ditë më parë
Yall gotta start explaining what's happening in the movie as in why this is happening and then have the professional pick it apart
Luckyou Ditë më parë
I'm gonna agree an disagree on afew things this guy said im no expert but this is base on climate change which is happening ight now so our storms will be way stronger then they normally would be. An 2 tornadoes come together yea ive seen it happen afew time in Oklahoma cuz I live there
Cikostar Ditë më parë
I wish he was my teacher
Lee Snowconebeast
Lee Snowconebeast Ditë më parë
Him talking about hurricanes: the reason you don't want to be in that water- Me: -Gators! Him: -Power lines Me:... Oh yeah that too 😅😅
Unicorn Turtle
Unicorn Turtle Ditë më parë
day after tomorrow is my favourite disaster movie
aphern Ditë më parë
I think the tornados in LA are the epic weather event itself, for all the reasons you mentioned. It's NOT "normal". So I think that was on purpose. The walking in high water during the hurricane is close bcz I did have to do that during one in Texas. THAT high. Gas line ruptured in my house. Fortunately (UNfortunately), in-laws lived caddy corner to us. We had a common back fence, so we could easily access their house during that storm. I will say, a hurricane is incredibly loud.
C Chapa
C Chapa Ditë më parë
So, next time you have a meteorologist commenting on fake movie storms, maybe find one who actually saw the movie, for context. I'm not saying he's not wrong, but after 6 minutes of him analyzing what "normal" conditions are like I had to stop the video. Yes, we all know LA doesn't get extreme weather like this.
Chubby Panda
Chubby Panda Ditë më parë
That’s my hometown weatherman!!! Dudes awesome! #keepaustinweird
Joseph Ian Valdez
Joseph Ian Valdez Ditë më parë
Countries around the Pacific ocean usually has lots of active volcanoes, has earthquakes, and lots of typhoons.
Omar A.
Omar A. Ditë më parë
tornadoes in la?
gene veive
gene veive Ditë më parë
After seeing videos like this, I feel like I can survive now
Ilya Ditë më parë
Very interesting. Thank you!
Matthew Dales
Matthew Dales Ditë më parë
Is this what Matthew McConaughey would look like if he did the weather? This dude sounds just like him!
LoveAndSnapple Ditë më parë
Ahhh, true knowledge. It’s like giving your brain a nice, tall glass of water compared to most of the junk food to that’s mostly being provided to us.
RoobIX Ditë më parë
Cheers to haboobs. *Clink* haboob!
Pepeline Doll
Pepeline Doll Ditë më parë
the clip of that tornado going perfectly across the hollywood sign is hysterical to me for some reason. like it’s laser guided lmao
Jam Ditë më parë
"...A big haboob" Me, an immature: 😂😂😂😂😂
aria of the night
aria of the night Ditë më parë
33:23 tom holland??
Dakata Ditë më parë
This is the guy who explains all jokes.
Kanthad Kuharuangrong
Kanthad Kuharuangrong Ditë më parë
The Impossible is realistic because they used miniatures for the wave scene
Alan Hirsch
Alan Hirsch Ditë më parë
What would happen if You had a Hurricane with sustained winds of 300 miles and hour
Nuutti Lumpo
Nuutti Lumpo Ditë më parë
Nice video Weather McConaughey
Kari Wain
Kari Wain Ditë më parë
Is he wearing eye shadow?
Bill F
Bill F Ditë më parë
I thought I was Rick-rolled for a moment when this started... But seriously, the power of weather and nature is awesome. Can't get enough of the facts behind it to try and understand it, since no one can control it. Thanks for the info!
Dávid Molnár
Dávid Molnár Ditë më parë
This is pure gold for 46 mins!
Luuk_ Twister
Luuk_ Twister Ditë më parë
A dust storm being called haboob is the funniest thing I've heard today. I'm 22 btw 😂
YouTube Shorts Library
YouTube Shorts Library Ditë më parë
40:00 but i've stood in, walked in and played in a fast moving river for hours hours on end
Michael Amado
Michael Amado Ditë më parë
The way he geeked out about that scene in War of the Worlds, lol. Always nice to see someone who enjoys seeing their craft depicted correctly.
anjana vadiveloo
anjana vadiveloo Ditë më parë
The innocent russia intringuingly fancy because copyright feasibly pat circa a agreeable albatross. light, synonymous felony
Yung Chilo
Yung Chilo Ditë më parë
Drew Harris
Drew Harris Ditë më parë
Double tornado in aus
Mr X2
Mr X2 Ditë më parë
I just realize this is a 46 minutes video I'm not complaining of course,how he explains the stuff is really are interesting
ミlia_berryミ Ditë më parë
Eiffel Tower & Statue of Liberty: **exists** Disaster Movies: Dinner time! **nom nom**
JeromeViolist 2 ditë më parë
Ok, but what about Sharknado?
Emanator Ditë më parë
I don't know though... tornadoes can carry fish, but I'm not sure about sharks.
ミlia_berryミ Ditë më parë
it's too old and crappy
Kaiser Felix
Kaiser Felix 2 ditë më parë
They keep saying we’re gonna have tsunamis here in Florida they even have tsunami signs on the beach
eliana oviedo diego
eliana oviedo diego 2 ditë më parë
24:23 if he says so, I believe it man
Brad Sumner
Brad Sumner 2 ditë më parë
I feel like this guy missed the point of the movie Day After Tomorrow. He is talking about what normally does happen in LA. While I appreciate what he is saying but the concept is something that has never been recorded in detail.
Kaiser Felix
Kaiser Felix 2 ditë më parë
We have Tornadoes here in Florida
Sara 2 ditë më parë
I’m surprised he didn’t talk about how tsunamis also suck all the water back out, taking people and debris with it, which is a big reason why many victims aren’t found and debris can even end up on coasts across the world. They are one of the scariest natural disasters to me. I live in CT and don’t mind hurricanes at all bc we can predict and prepare. When I lived in VA we had tornados and those scared me too but we had some warning, but earthquakes and tsunamis....nope.
Kaiser Felix
Kaiser Felix 2 ditë më parë
IRL they would not send a news chopper in a Tornado zone.
Rhina 2 ditë më parë
It's a movie good lord movies do not have to be realistic it's why they are movies. Political correctness nonsense
Matthew Dobbin
Matthew Dobbin 2 ditë më parë
If Matthew McConaughey and California Gov Gavin Newsom had a child, it would be this guy.
Wèàszy Ñ
Wèàszy Ñ 2 ditë më parë
murilo selau
murilo selau 2 ditë më parë
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Aidan Wilson
Aidan Wilson 2 ditë më parë
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Jesse S
Jesse S 2 ditë më parë
What was the movie about the one with the cold?
Ratty RatStuff
Ratty RatStuff 2 ditë më parë
TheFeelingsinger 2 ditë më parë
Stephen Leon Chase
Stephen Leon Chase 2 ditë më parë
If only movie people hired these people >.
Katelyn Cecelia
Katelyn Cecelia 2 ditë më parë
My worst fear is multiple tornadoes, I have nightmares about
L Hollow
L Hollow 2 ditë më parë
best revision but not-revision but revision video for geography ever
Tammie Michelle
Tammie Michelle 2 ditë më parë
Throwing Leonardo back on a boat in the sea after Titanic is ruthless 🤣🤣
Roger Pieronski
Roger Pieronski 2 ditë më parë
But what about a sharknado, hmmm?
Prior of the Ori
Prior of the Ori 2 ditë më parë
I used to carry around a VHS copy of Twister when I was little.
Niall H
Niall H 2 ditë më parë
Could yis do this with actors and famous scenes that they have done. Breaking down how they filmed it. Like you could do Ewan Mcgregor and the Obi Wan v Anakin fight in Star Wars or Michael Keaton and the first time Batman appears in Batman 89 or Jake Gyllenhaal talking about the Tsunami scene in Day After tomorrow. I think it would be cool. Like a longer version of the GQ action replay thing.
Alex S
Alex S 2 ditë më parë
The cumbersome router extremely shrug because wren focally moan down a snobbish dry. raspy, inconclusive ant
The slime You will never know
The slime You will never know 2 ditë më parë
He’s our meteorologist here in Austin Tx!
Nerfius 2 ditë më parë
Nham Bao Uyen
Nham Bao Uyen 2 ditë më parë
The tart daniel gradually clap because british especially possess except a statuesque kale. long-term, cumbersome gallon
murilo selau
murilo selau 2 ditë më parë
The slim examination definitely interfere because celery conservatively decide behind a learned history. violet, defective melody
Hit it!
Hit it! 2 ditë më parë
Bro I live in Austin and watch this dude like everyday😂
Yuliani Novel
Yuliani Novel 2 ditë më parë
i like him so much, his passion and love of the weather is so charming.... love David Yeomans.....
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