Zendaya Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia | GQ

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On this episode of Actually Me, February cover star Zendaya goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from ALnets, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, IMDb and Wikipedia. Who is her favorite Harry Potter character? Does she have any tips on dealing with stress and anxiety?

Check out Zendaya's new film "Malcolm & Marie" out February 5th on Netflix.
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Zendaya Goes Undercover on ALnets, Twitter and Wikipedia | GQ

Lucas Raye
Lucas Raye 21 orë më parë
GQ did Zendaya’s forehead BAD 🤣🥲
Dim Suante
Dim Suante 23 orë më parë
i actually relate quite a lot with her- even i bite my ice cream and my mom just looks at me weird cos im biting on ice cream while she has a sensitive teeth- lmao
jiminssmile Ditë më parë
omg the way she worked out to stay motivated even though she doesn't like it, was so smart and creative
Noel Alebatchew
Noel Alebatchew 2 ditë më parë
she half black tho no hate to zendaya im half black and this is my moms account
Mikayluh Yuno
Mikayluh Yuno 2 ditë më parë
Zendaya you are my fashion soulmate
Lyse 5 ditë më parë
Who's darnell?
Shivangi Reddy
Shivangi Reddy 5 ditë më parë
at 1:48 all i could focus was on JIMIN . all this aside QUEEN ZENDAYA I LOVE HER YUH YUH YUH
Matt Whitaker
Matt Whitaker 6 ditë më parë
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Nature-loving Nerd 29
Nature-loving Nerd 29 6 ditë më parë
I lover her so so so so so soooooooo so much 😍❤️❤️
Ella-mae Morris
Ella-mae Morris 6 ditë më parë
Anna 7 ditë më parë
how do the answers always match exactly to what she says?? shes obviously not typing as she says it, does she rewatch the recording then type it or is someone else doing it for her?
Luxe 8 ditë më parë
Can you do a re run of kc undercover shake up etc, 🥺
johanna w
johanna w 9 ditë më parë
she’s so classy and cool
fazina tilasta
fazina tilasta 9 ditë më parë
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Vaishnavi Ghare
Vaishnavi Ghare 10 ditë më parë
1:44 see you jiminishhii 😁💜💜
King Kilo
King Kilo 11 ditë më parë
Whats a Zendaya?
Rabbit rocks
Rabbit rocks 12 ditë më parë
TRY MANCHOW AND MASALA CUP NOODLES! hard to find but they are veg and ridiculously delicious
Namjoon's bonsai
Namjoon's bonsai 13 ditë më parë
1:49 👀👀any armies out there ??
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol 13 ditë më parë
i love how im gonna be friends with this woman
Jimin's Jams
Jimin's Jams 14 ditë më parë
Jimin is everywhere lmao
•Frogg• 15 ditë më parë
smh I bite my ice cream too gurl
Beam BOYZ 18 ditë më parë
Every day I deep she was a teen when I was a kid and now theirs a movie of her on Netflix doing r rated I can’t forget the shake it up girl man
Kyah Wells
Kyah Wells 18 ditë më parë
gah she’s so genuine i love her
Fatima Leeman
Fatima Leeman 19 ditë më parë
Unpopular opinion KC undercover is better than shake it up
Stef H
Stef H 20 ditë më parë
all my life she's been in high school
pandaboy dabber
pandaboy dabber 21 ditë më parë
yall is she still signed to her record label even tho she ain't making music
Kasia Brian
Kasia Brian 21 ditë më parë
I like how she......... Fill in the gap.
banana channel
banana channel 21 ditë më parë
this is most likely super cheesy but when i was born Zendaya was 12 and now I'm 12 :) :) love you Zendaya!!!!!!!
Candy Jansen
Candy Jansen 21 ditë më parë
I love Zendaya sooo much I wish she can reply to a msg of mine it will make my whole life
José Sebastião Gomes Brito da Silva Feio - Aluno
José Sebastião Gomes Brito da Silva Feio - Aluno 21 ditë më parë
I bite Ice Cream too!!! Nice
Twila Weaver
Twila Weaver 22 ditë më parë
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Lawson Shaw
Lawson Shaw 22 ditë më parë
She’s the only woman I believe is the prize
Cara Austin
Cara Austin 23 ditë më parë
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Mary Watters
Mary Watters 25 ditë më parë
God loves you and will never stop loving you🥰
farikamo hakilm
farikamo hakilm 25 ditë më parë
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Spice King
Spice King 25 ditë më parë
Just a sniff
Jennifer M
Jennifer M 26 ditë më parë
8:39 I was born on the second 😏 my baby brother/sister idk yet the due date is the first 😩
Lilah 26 ditë më parë
I love how humble she is, And honest too! Such an amazing person on and off camera
Irish Hamilton memes
Irish Hamilton memes 26 ditë më parë
This is unrelated but I remember when was at school (when I could actually go there) when it was break time and there was these bunch of girls in the corner with balloons in there hands and putting them up to their mouths THEY WERE SPEAKING IN HELIUM at the time I didn't know what they were doing so I just ignored it
Miss Mong
Miss Mong 26 ditë më parë
I've been Harry Potter fan for so long. I don't even know my favorite character and never question myself which is weird. But now that I think about it, it's been Harry all along.
nomaynomatnguttnung nomaynomatnguttnung
nomaynomatnguttnung nomaynomatnguttnung 26 ditë më parë
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A Lowe-Pedersen
A Lowe-Pedersen 27 ditë më parë
am i the only one that thinks zendaya is like perfection in everything?!?!??!!?!?!?
Zaza 27 ditë më parë
Harry literally gets bullied in his own series ! Harry is my favorite charter for sure!
Alex Kulik
Alex Kulik 27 ditë më parë
Just hearing say she bites her ice cream made me cold
Karisa Green
Karisa Green 29 ditë më parë
Guys, I don't know if you Zendaya can hear me but you have a big impact on my life you are the number one in my life on the singer and actors lane. You are like a sister that may not even know me but if you hear me right now I just want to let you know I ♥️U!
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson 29 ditë më parë
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Vrinda Malhotra
Vrinda Malhotra 29 ditë më parë
I wish Zendaya tried maggie noodles - they are defo vegetarian.
Catarina Marques
Catarina Marques 29 ditë më parë
I’ve been a fan of her since shake it up started in my country and seeing her become such a wonderful young woman and actress has given me such pride and joy. Shake it up was my absolute world in 5th grade, literally created Twitter to follow the shake it up cast, and now she’s playing or has played 2 of my fave recent characters, MJ and Anne. Can’t wait for her to keep growing and working. Hope to see more of her Also absolute fashion queen, metgala 2018 hasn’t left my mind after all these years
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 29 ditë më parë
I'm a bit surprised Zendaya would go for the undercover internet gag now.
Soraya Kouloughli
Soraya Kouloughli 29 ditë më parë
Wait, who is Darnell?
Gaming With Aiden
Gaming With Aiden Muaj më parë
The tv show i first saw Zendaya in was KC undercover
Relique Oz
Relique Oz Muaj më parë
4:03 Just realize I never knew Zendaya's last name until now...
stickynorm Muaj më parë
But when I dressed up as a different person everyday, wearing different wigs, I got sent to a mental hospital. hahahahahelpme
Michael Tang
Michael Tang Muaj më parë
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Brooklyn Hughes
Brooklyn Hughes Muaj më parë
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BapsBABY Muaj më parë
Zendaya really be living rent-free in my mind. I could be doing an everyday task and randomly my brain will be like "How is Zendaya? Is she okay? Let me look up if she's okay."
Majin Sole
Majin Sole Muaj më parë
Tell LaRoche (I’m not sure how it’s spelled sorry) thank you for the JoJo reference. ~_~
alexis ortiz
alexis ortiz Muaj më parë
This girl need to have more interviews 😌
Abrie Smiles
Abrie Smiles Muaj më parë
Lol Zendaya i can bite cold food with my teeth too 😂
Abrie Smiles
Abrie Smiles Muaj më parë
Zendaya you should film more KC Undercover 😂
Linton FOR
Linton FOR Muaj më parë
so she's going undercover on the internet..... but not really.
Spell Jr.
Spell Jr. Muaj më parë
Ayyy I finally have 2 celebs that are vegetarian! Ariana grande and zendaya!
Dhia Joseph
Dhia Joseph Muaj më parë
1:50 jimin-sshi👀
Jaeviene Janaia Las
Jaeviene Janaia Las Muaj më parë
Saw her in spider man and the greatest showman actually
Calm Rage
Calm Rage Muaj më parë
K.C going undercover again.
Puffle Brix
Puffle Brix Muaj më parë
This video is great but how is this undercover?
Sapphire Malfoy
Sapphire Malfoy Muaj më parë
I am a simple girl. I see something of harry potter in thumbnail, I click!😉
Uiikk Muaj më parë
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 my friends accept Jesus before its to late tommorow is not promise
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson Muaj më parë
My queen 👸 🙏
Jani j
Jani j Muaj më parë
i love zendaya ahhh
SaNayah Weaver
SaNayah Weaver Muaj më parë
Curtin Parsons
Curtin Parsons Muaj më parë
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Lujien Shihata
Lujien Shihata Muaj më parë
she has to take the pottermore quiz but I do think she would be a gryffindor
Kookie Loves you
Kookie Loves you Muaj më parë
She is the reason I am BIIIU
Potatoes_ Avocados30
Potatoes_ Avocados30 Muaj më parë
Who else remembers when she was on kc undercover
TFEC Ranmo
TFEC Ranmo Muaj më parë
I watched Shake It Up but never realised that it was Zendaya because, well I was a stupid kid. I only realized it was Zendaya through Wikipedia XD because I was just reading about actors and I saw her young self when she was in Shake It Up and I went "Thats Zendaya?" soooooo yeah.
pamala kamani
pamala kamani Muaj më parë
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24K GOLDEN Muaj më parë
Its my gurl KC she keeps it undercover
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen Muaj më parë
2:46 an army i spot
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis Muaj më parë
They got veggie Girl!
Paige Davis
Paige Davis Muaj më parë
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Bradley Bruvva
Bradley Bruvva Muaj më parë
Zendaya:( Try the Soy Sauce Top Ramen 🍜
Fiona Mulder
Fiona Mulder Muaj më parë
im only 12 and used to loooooooooooooooooooooooove shake it up!!!!!!!!! am i old?
Izzy, Queen of Ice Dragons
Izzy, Queen of Ice Dragons Muaj më parë
I’m vegetarian too and just go to bj’s they got u stuff for breakfast lunch and dinner
ju lokk
ju lokk Muaj më parë
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Orpita Mojumdar
Orpita Mojumdar Muaj më parë
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RaineSZN Muaj më parë
Who else founded the comment
yes yes I KNOW I ship tsukikage
yes yes I KNOW I ship tsukikage Muaj më parë
Zendaya and Beyoncé and literally the human versions of goddesses
Tasnova Tayeba
Tasnova Tayeba Muaj më parë
Zendaya goes undercover. hmmmmm... "K.C. Undercover" you there?
Cody Grube
Cody Grube Muaj më parë
Did anyone else catch "Zendaya Coleman" when she filled out Quora? I never knew her last name lol
Mariya 24 ditë më parë
Yep, it’s Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. I’m proud to say I know it😌🍜
vita franjul
vita franjul Muaj më parë
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Reta Joli
Reta Joli Muaj më parë
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Zachary Hunter
Zachary Hunter Muaj më parë
Kacey undercover
Yeh jaw Loj kiz
Yeh jaw Loj kiz Muaj më parë
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Lavender vibes
Lavender vibes Muaj më parë
Who else saw all of the episodes of Kc Undercover bc im bout to rewatch them all 🤣
Haveapava Paea
Haveapava Paea Muaj më parë
Notice how she didnt mention being close with a Bella Thorne.... lol zendayas the best
Nucking Futs
Nucking Futs Muaj më parë
Zendaya : Kadeem... My Name Being Kadeem: *Heart Stops* Zendaya : Hardison. Me : Oh..
Real Talker 101
Real Talker 101 Muaj më parë
Zendaya is so NOT a show stopper...I see hotter broads at the Whole Foods in West Hollywood.... completely overrated
Latha Pala
Latha Pala Muaj më parë
anyone notice jimin there
Regalogamer 60
Regalogamer 60 Muaj më parë
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